Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let Go and Grow

It's time to let go so you can grow!
As I watch the trees let go of their beautiful and colorful leaves, I can't help but think about what I can shed!  The leaves have a very important purpose in the spring, summer and early fall.  They feed the tree allowing it to grow and thrive and reproduce.  In the colder shorter days the tree does not need to be fed by the leaves so it literally cuts the leaves loose.  If trees kept their leaves permanently, they would not grow new ones.

We can learn so much from trees!  It's important to replace a bad habit with a pattern that will help you to grow!

For me on the golf course, I want to take more time to plan my strategy each time I get on a tee box, especially on a course I'm playing for the first time.  Recently, I was playing in a Pro Am and I stood on the first hole and thought I picked a target that would leave my ball in the middle of the fairway with some "room for success" if my ball leaked a little left or right.  The view of the hole from the tee was deceiving!  After hitting what felt like and looked like a very good tee shot, I realized my ball landed in the right rough.  It was deep rough and I topped the next shot, completing the hole with a double bogey!  If I had taken the time to look at the yardage book to better understand the entire hole, I would have chosen a better target.  I will let go of the quick assessments and assumptions of the hole as I plan my shot and replace that with taking the time and necessary steps to understand the layout of the hole and choose the most effective target.  New leaves!

In everyday life for me, I plan to replace procrastination with immediate action.  Just this morning, I looked at an e-mail and decided I would like to take action on it.  It was from my niece who is raising money to support the fight against childhood cancer.  I'm so proud of her, she will dance for 12 hours straight!  My first thought was, "fabulous, I'm excited to donate!"  My second thought was, "I'll save that e-mail and do it later."  Then I saw some leaves blowing off the trees and thought, "My leaf that I'm cutting loose reads procrastination!"  I donated right away!!  I'm going to make every effort to grow with new leaves that say, "Do it now!"

What will you let go of this fall?  Is it negative thinking on the golf course and off?  Maybe you rush to hit the ball and forget to set up properly or you forget to set a goal or pick a target.  Find an action that you are better of without and then replace it with something better!
Be Positive - Live Positive - Golf Positive