Monday, December 28, 2015

CORE Triumph! 4-step Strategy for Success

As this year comes to an end and a new year is about to begin take some time to think about all that you have accomplished in 2015. If you didn't reach some of your larger goals, focus on the smaller areas. What did you do in 2015 that makes you feel proud?

A key to growing and succeeding is learning. What can you learn from 2015? What worked and what did not? Give yourself some time to review 2015 and record the valuable lessons.

Now it's time to look forward! This is your time, this is your year to reach your potential and I’ll be right there to coach you all the way!
I will continue to provide you with skills and strategies for success in life and golf! 

We are going to start with my 4-step strategy for success, CORE Triumph! This proven strategy will put you on the path to reach your goals.  CORE Triumph! is an acronym … C for Coach, O for Outcome, R for Reasons, and E is for Execution!

Most successful people have a teacher, mentor or coach.  If you will allow me, I would be honored to be your personal coach … and golf professional!  It is thrilling for me to teach this game of golf! I’ve guided and coached thousands of students … with great success and I’m confident that I can help you reach your goals! 

Using CORE Triumph! - You will have clarity in your goals, the motivation to achieve them and the plan to triumph!   With a just a little time and focus you will reach your outcome! 

You have already done Step one in Core Triumph, you have a coach! Me! I suggest you also find mentors who have succeeded in the area you would like to triumph this year.

Step two in CORE triumph is to know your outcome.  Ask yourself what you want to achieve in golf and / or life.

Almost all successful ventures begin with setting a goal, knowing your outcome, where you want to go!  If you get in your car without knowing your destination you’ll never arrive!! Think about your ideal future and write it down. Is it to make more money, start your own business, get in shape, lose weight, shoot even par, give more to charity ... what do you want in life?

Step three is Reason.  Ask yourself why your vision is important to you!  How will it change your life?  Make your reasons as compelling as possible so you are truly motivated! 

The truth is, to be successful you need to picture your outcome and know your reasons why you want that outcome before you start! 

The fourth step in CORE is the E - Execution!  Write down your plan to reach your outcome. Be specific with your plan with dates and times!

It’s time to execute …. take action …  with Energy! 

CORE Triumph! A proven 4-step strategy for success! Get started! Write down your CORE Triumph! plan for success!!

Make 2016 your best your ever! You can do it!

Live Positive - Be Positive - Golf Positive