Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Positive Life

It's nearly impossible to be a negative pessimistic person and have a happy positive life.
You will get what you focus on in life. Pay attention to your thoughts and words and make sure they are positive. 

If you want to live a happy positive life be sure your thoughts and words are positive.

It's important to watch your language! Below find a list of disempowering words and the empowering word you can say and think in its place.  If you change your language and your thoughts, your life will be even better!

Disempowering  - EMPOWERING
Overwhelmed      IN DEMAND       
Stressed              BLESSED        
Problem              CHALLENGE                   
Challenge            OPPORTUNITY                 
Failed                  LEARNED SOMETHING                 
Terrible               DIFFERENT          
Los                      SEARCHING          
Confused             ABOUT TO LEARN SOMETHING
Afraid                  EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE

Be Positive ... it's worth it!!

Benefits of Being Positive
  1. Positive people live longer
  2. Positive work environments outperform negative work environments  
  3. Positive optimistic salespeople sell more than pessimistic salespeople
  4. Positive people are healthier and happier
  5. Positive emotions such as gratitude and appreciation help athletes perform at a higher level 

Cost of Being Negative
  1. Dampens enthusiasm and motivation
  2. Creates feelings of sadness, frustration and unworthiness
  3. Negative employees can scare off every custome they speak with…. for good
  4. Too many negative interactions can decrease the productivity of a team
  5. Negative is associated with greater stress, less energy and more pain
  6. 90% of Doctor visits are stress related