Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stand and Take Action

Once you comprehend the words and meaning of The Star Spangled Banner, you'll want to stand!

By Debbie O'Connell
Owner and Founder Golf Positive

America is arguable the best country in the world. It is a country built on the beliefs and values of freedom, liberty, and equality. As a nation we have made tremendous progress over the last two-hundred and fifty years, however we still have more to do to instill the basic values of respect, kindness and acceptance for all. 

The story of our national anthem directly reflects the struggle to keep our independence and preserve our views and beliefs. The flag itself is a symbol of these virtues and represents honor and appreciation for those who died to defend it. 
For those who are not aware of the story behind the lyrics of our national anthem please take a few moments to view this video. 

While it is of utmost importance to highlight -through peaceful protests - our injustices with regards to race and inequality, it is deplorable to do this by disrespecting our flag, our nation and all who serve and have died for it. The professional athletes who choose to kneel should instead be standing arm and arm on and off the field to use their power and influence to eradicate social injustices (FSU football Travis Rudolph displays kindness by taking action). Their current form of protest is creating more divisiveness and what America needs more than anything right now is unity.

Perhaps instead the NFL could champion initiatives bringing together communities and police officers. They could design and develop game day forums in host cities. These forums could include breakout sessions with action items for leaders and members of both the police force and the community. After the forum the group could step onto the field arm and arm and stand proudly during the playing of our national anthem. Also the NFL could encourage everyone in the stadium to stand arm and arm as a statement of unity.

A quote from the attached video states “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” It is time for NFL players and other athletes to stand up and take action. It is within their power - and ours - to make a difference.